Aurora Files

Your private cloud storage, open source

Your files in your cloud on your rules

Self-hosted file storage and sharing platform for teams and personal users.

for corporate-grade support, document editing and relief from AGPL restrictions

Current version: 9.7.8 Last update: 10 June 2024

Stay in control

Aurora Files is installed on your premises, under your full control.

Your data belongs to you. Your privacy is respected.

Comply with regulation

Comply with business- and government-enforced regulations and prevent data leaks.

Meet GDPR and HIPAA requirements.


Share files and folders with your teammates or entire team.

Make secure links to share files and folders with external contacts.

Edit documents online

With OnlyOffice integration, you can edit documents, spreadsheets and presentations.

Supports versioning and collaborative document editing with other users.

Access from any device

Aurora Files provides web UI along with iOS and Android mobile apps (with branding option) and Windows desktop tool to sync a local folder with the cloud storage.

End-to-end encryption for even better security

Store and share encrypted files. Strong AES-256 encryption right in the browser, no plugins required. Server not involved and has no access to encryption keys. Supported by our mobile apps.


Attach your external storage as a folder in Aurora Files. Integrate Aurora Files in your CRM or user portal with a Single-Sign-On API. Integrate anything. We can assist.

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S3 support

Aurora Files can store data on a local filesystem or in S3-compatible storage like AWS or DigitalOcean.

Other features

Attach Google Drive
or Dropbox as a folder
Online viewer of
MS Office documents
Displaying .zip
archives as folders
Folder display as
a table or Listview
Shortcuts to
URLs as files
It's open-source
Aurora Files is a PHP-based web application being developed on GitHub, licensed under AGPLv3 terms. Willing to contribute?
Join GitHub Community
Or, consider commercial subscription to be relieved from AGPLv3 restrictions.
Wish to edit documents online?
Free version of OnlyOffice license allows up to 20 documents to be edited simultaneously. Otherwise, the commercial version is required.
Looking for corporate-grade support?
Includes priority bug fixes, guaranteed response times, Phone/Skype/Zoom/Helpdesk/Email.
Need assistance with integrating Aurora Files into your infrastructure?
From installation and branding to data migration and deep customization, we can help.
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